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X-Guard® Replacement Components

Axelent offers replacement components in the event any of the components prepackaged in your order have become lost. Our replacement components are exactly the same as what you’ll find within your original order, keeping all standards cohesive.

Hinge   Top Plug
X-Guard Hinge   X-Guard Top Plug

You can easily replace a wall bracket with a hinge, even after installation. This is a great advantage since you don't have to decide the exact door position in advance.


The plastic top plug is used for mounting of tubular door lintel, cable conduit etc.

Lower Bracket   Rail for Sliding Door
X-Guard Lower Bracket   X-Guard Rail for Sliding Door

The lower bracket guides the panel into the correct position when assembling. Two guides allow panel falls easily into place.


Rail for X-Guard® sliding doors

Tubular Frame   Foot Cover
X-Guard Tubular Frame   X-Guard Foot Cover

The width is adjusted during assembly to suit door opening.


The cover gives a more refined finish while being easier to keep clean.

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