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X-GUARD® Plastic and Sheet Metal Panels

Panel with Window
Metal Window Panel

This new panel replaces previous systems that combined half sections of sheet metal and plastic.


Product Facts Plastic and Sheet Metal Panels


30x20 mm


25x15 mm


2 mm (thermoplastic polyester)


0,8 mm


50x50, 50x100, 100x100 mm

Color Panel

Black RAL 9011

Color Post

Yellow RAL 1018

(other colors can be quoted)

Clear Plastic Panel
Clear Plastic Panel

Some environments require a more comprehensive protection in the form of plastic or sheet metal covered walls. X-Guard® Plastic and Sheet Metal System is easy to assemble and you can use the same posts and door packages as for our mesh products. In order to avoid gaps between the section and post we recommend that you use our custom edging plate. The sections are available in 2 heights and various widths.

The plastic walls are heat resistant up to 60 degrees and available with clear or green colored plastic, the last-mentioned as a protection for welding flare.

Our green colored plastic meets fire safety standards UL 94 V0 and also EN 1598.


Rubber Edging   Sheet Metal Panel
Rubber Edging   Sheet Metal Panel
Available as an accessory to plastic and sheet metal panels.    

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