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X-LOCK ® - Securing Your Investments

X-Lock X-LOCK ® – An all new design that blends form and function into a state of the art locking system suitable for any one of our different product series. With X-LOCK ® any standard panel can be transformed into a door in a matter of minutes.

X-LOCK ® has a mechanical bolt action that holds hinged as well as sliding doors securely closed. A deliberate action is required to open and close. Built-in Lockout/Tagout for additional safety.

With X-LOCK ® any standard interlock switch and actuator can be used in both left and right configuration Product Summary Ergonomic Design Mechanical bolt action Built-in Lockout/Tagout. Use any safety interlock switch Open-ONLY from inside Safety per EN ISO 12100 chapter 5.5.3. All Axelent standard switches and keys work with X-LOCK ® .


Cylinder Lock   Snap Lock
X-Guard Cylinder Lock   X-Guard Snap Lock
Cylinder lock is often used together with warehouse fence and where the risk of theft is big. It is a burglar-proof lock system with easy grip handle.   Snap lock is common when it comes to machine guarding and when switches are used. The door closes with a simple push and is kept closed by the built-in catch.
Padlock   Panic Lock
X-Guard Padlock   X-Guard Panic Lock
Padlock tinplate for padlock is our simplest lock system. An ordinary padlock prevents an authorized access.   Panic lock with cylinder is used at emergency exits and escape routes, for example, crane warehouses. Doors with panic lock can always be opened from the inside, despite being locked with key.
X-Lock with Emergency Stop   Hitch Lock
X-Guard Breaker Emergency Stop   Axelent Hitch Lock
Axelent collaborates with several market leaders within the sector, including Siemens, Euchner, GuardMaster, Jokab and Telemecanique. This gives us a wide range to offer our customers for the safest and most optimum solution possible. The picture shows Siemen’s B-614 emergency stop.   This lock is an alternative to our X-LOCK® and has an integrated mounting for non-contact switches. The lock has an adjustable hitch for eliminating any internal play. The handle is spring-loaded to remove the ability of the door to automatically fully close. To fully shut the door requires deliberate operation of the handle eliminating accidental closure. Euro cylinder locking is available as an option. With this variant the key should be carried with the engineer into the cell to prevent accidental closure. Axelent Hitch Lock Tutorial

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