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X-Guard® Doors

Axelent's interchangeable system components allow you to have exactly what you need to fit your unique requirements.

You can easily turn any standard wall section into a door!

Choose from the following Door options:

Hinged Doors: Available as Single or Double Hinged in standard width up to 3m (9’8”).

Sliding Doors: This option is often utilized in isles or when extra wide openings are required.

Available as Single, Double or Triple, in widths up to 4.5m (14’7”).

Guided Doors: Available as Single or Double, in widths up to 6m (19’6”).


Single Hinge Door:   Double Hinge Door:
X-Guard Single Hinge Door   X-Guard Double Hinge Door

The single hinge door is often used as a walking through door or as an emergency exit.


The double hinge door can be used as a passing through door for both people and goods.

Single Sliding Door:   Double Sliding Door with Center Lock:
X-Guard Single Sliding Door   X-Guard Double Sliding Door

The single sliding door is a good option when there is not enough space to open a hinge door and when a simple solution is wanted.


The double sliding door is a perfect solution when there is limited space and the door should be placed in the middle of the wall.

Single Guided Door:   Double Guided Door:
X-Guard Single Guided Door   X-Guard Double Guided door

A single sliding door without rail gives an opening of 3 meters with no upper restriction. The door is ideal for handling large cargo transported by crane or forklift.


The double sliding door without rail with centre lock has an opening of 6 meters and no upper limitation. The door is perfect when handling large volumes carried by overhead crane or forklift.

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