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X-GUARD® Accessories

Whether it’s enhancing your X-Guard® system with our innovative X-Cup or adding to the aesthetics with rubber edging, we have accessories for your every need.

Upper Bracket   Quick Fastener
Upper Bracket   Quick Fastener

Simple snap on brackets can be fitted to three sides of a post.


(Free placement): For optional placement of a fitting. Offered in a pack of 1.

0-180° Fittings   Rubber Edging
0-180 Fittings   Rubber Edging

Fittings for creating corners up to 180°.


Our rubber edging gives a soft and neat edge in places where mesh panel has been cut.

X-Cup   X-Key
X-Cup   X-Key

Many of us drink water and coffee while we work. It'is not a good idea to place a beverage near a keyboard, drawings or other sensitive areas. We are the first to design a mug holder to fix onto the X-Guard® post. Smart and safe at the same time.


Our unique key is designed for the rapid release of a panel. Forget all other tools. The X-Key is all you need!

Shims Kit   Recess Piece
Shims Kit   Recess piece

The kit is used for height adjustment of X-Guard® posts.


Available in all heights.

Threaded Insert    
Threaded Insert    

Tube nut M8, 10 pack.



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