Creating a Safer Workplace, by Design

Axelent's Versatility

X-GuardX-GUARD® is Unmatched

Axelent's X-GUARD® perimeter safety fencing is designed to make your life simple and safe. Axelent is always ready and able to fulfill even the most demanding safeguarding requests on-the-spot. There is no other machine guarding system on the market today that can match Axelent’s versatility.

Ultimate versatility is achieved with Axelent’s “Flexible Standard”

Axelent’s modular design concept is powered by a huge inventory of standardized parts. Over 50 different standard panels, such as posts and panels, are interchangeable with one another. This unique interchangeability makes it easy to quickly assemble countless configurations with the same standard parts, saving valuable time and money. Sensible efficient solutions based on extreme flexibility.

Axelent can instantly provide the perfect fit for your industrial application every time. Even the most complex perimeter safety fencing requirements are easily met with Axelent’s superior design concept. Axelent guarding systems are simply designed to fit together in a fraction of the time that similar guarding systems are assembled. That’s the Axelent Advantage.

Limitless configurations, Standardized interchangeable parts

Axelent mesh wall systems are incredibly simple to install. Flawless standardized interchangeable pieces keep your focus on your productivity, not on complicated assemblies.

Fencing PanelsOver 50 different standard panels, all in stock

Rest assured, at Axelent, all of the parts you need are always available. With such an enormous inventory of intelligently designed core components, Axelent’s modular design concept guarantees the versatility to deliver your customized machine guarding solution without the typical industry production delays.

It's a fact... Axelent delivers custom perimeter safety fencing solutions faster and more efficiently than any other guarding system on the market today!

That’s true versatility, and that’s exactly what the Axelent Advantage is all about

As a distinguished world leader in machine guarding ingenuity, Axelent is honored to offer award-winning truly modular design solutions. Axelent is the only North American manufacturer and supplier of truly modular machine guarding. You can count on Axelent for true performance – not empty promises.

Axelent safety barriers are a financially sound investment from a solid business partner.

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