Creating a Safer Workplace, by Design

The Axelent Difference

hourglass Axelent is known worldwide for unmatched availability, versatility and speed of installation.

Smart businesses know that saving time, means saving money!

The Axelent Advantage

The Axelent Advantage guarantees the products you want, exactly when you need them. There is no other machine guarding system on the market today that is as readily available, versatile and easy to install. And that’s why Axelent is a preferred business partner!

Axelent's modular designed core components include over 50 different size panels. Our concept utilizes standardized parts, such as posts and panels that are interchangeable. This unique interchangeability saves critical time and money, providing the flexibility for quick layout changes while ensuring custom safeguarding solutions deliver exactly when you need them. Axelent’s flexible standard is the ultimate hallmark of the Axelent Advantage.

“When you work with Axelent, you see the difference that dedication and passion can make.”

Creating a safer workplace, by design

The Axelent name is synonymous with perfection. Great care and consideration has gone into every process - from design through delivery –so that no detail is left untouched. Axelent's unmatched attention to detail is evident every step of the way, assuring each customer has the best experience possible, every time.

"Axelent's engineers provided just what we needed, no fluff, just a sound solution."

Perfect fit lock key The Perfect Fit concept

Axelent's perfect fit philosophy is based on your #1 priority – reducing down time so you can concentrate on your bottom line.

Axelent utilizes a highly functional modular design concept with a large variety of standardized interchangeable parts. Every part is designed to fit together in virtually any configuration in a fraction of the time - saving you thousands by reducing critical downtime.

Superior Quality – because you deserve the best

Axelent is truly in a class of its own, offering superior quality safeguarding products, stellar service and attention to safety standards that have earned top accolades throughout North America and across the globe.

Uniquely created

Not all modular guarding systems are created equally. Axelent products stand above the crowd from inception through implementation. Due to a fully automated production process, every part is guaranteed the utmost level of consistency and the highest quality, for the perfect fit every time.

Consistent Bullseye Consistency

Quality is controlled throughout the manufacturing process so our customers can be assured that nothing is ever left to chance. Whether you order 1 or 1,000 pieces, you are guaranteed that every part will perform identically – there are never any surprises. Every part is perfectly created.


Sound engineering is at the heart of Axelent's light weight construction that offers heavy-duty performance. Every wire in the mesh is welded to the frame. The use of tubular steel frames provides powerful support that is lightweight yet very strong.

Modern design and materials make Axelent industrial safety fencing more efficient. Typically weighing 35% less than similar products, it is engineered smarter and is longer lasting. Its lightweight construction affords a cost savings to our customers on shipping and it is easier handle and to assemble, often requiring just one person. You can count on Axelent's superior quality products to be tough, standing up to years of use.

"Extremely versatile mesh panels were customized to suit our application within hours. Our engineers were impressed with how well made and adaptable this product was. Our plant manager was thrilled with the ability to get it installed quickly."

Always in stock

On Time By keeping so many different standard parts in stock, Axelent perimeter protection systems can easily and immediately address any application. With the largest inventory in the nation, Axelent can accommodate your unique configuration within hours. When you need fast, reliable shipping, Axelent is the premiere choice.

You can count on Axelent to deliver when you want it or when we have promised with our 100% on-time delivery performance!

Versatility with Fast, Easy Installation

Interchangeable standardized parts brilliantly provide the ultimate in versatility. Having the ability to put any door or panel in any place and having only one type of post per height that can go anywhere makes assembly simple, affording a much quicker installation. This supreme versatility offers you full freedom to move parts around, turning panels into doors and making adjustments quickly and easily. Axelent’s barrier systems simply save time and that is just one advantage to our customers.

"We were worried about bringing in a complicated barrier system but we knew we had to protect our workers and our machines. Typically this type of installation really slows us down, but with the Axelent guarding system we were back up in no time."

Easily modified onsite

The versatility of interchangeable standardized parts is the key to quick and easy modifications onsite. When you need to accommodate unforeseen changes, space limitations or other adjustments, Axelent's efficiency can't be beat.

"Axelent's mesh wall systems are incredibly easy to work with due to the straightforward design. The modular design is readily adaptable for unforeseen onsite changes so that any installation can be completed quickly and easily."

Conveniently packaged

Packaging Our refreshing approach, founded on Axelent's dedication to exceeding expectations, everything you need is included. Everything is easy to locate, no wasted time searching for parts and there is no need for additional hardware.

Axelent's commitment to perfection can also be seen in the custom designed pallets that ensure a perfect fit and specially engineered packaging that guarantees your safety partitioning arrives in pristine condition every time. Axelent believes superior quality products deserve superior quality care in handling and delivery.

“Your vastly superior product worked like a charm to accommodate some unexpected obstacles during assembly. We appreciated the extra hardware and the universal design that gave us the ability to make modifications on the spot."


Axelent is committed to producing the highest quality safety solutions with unsurpassed durability while genuinely looking good.

When you make a significant investment in your new machine, naturally you want to carry over that pride to your protective components. Axelent safety enclosures and perimeter fencing provide attractive solutions to compliment your machinery and robotic investments.

"It actually looks modern and performs like a champion – our customers are so thrilled with their Axelent experience they never look back – but they do keep coming back. "

Environmentally focused Environmentally focused

Axelent's products and packaging are 100% recyclable. All Axelent painted products are powder coated with a paint that is completely free from solvents, providing a resilient finish that stands the test of time.

OEM's have a choice – their choice is clear – they recommend Axelent time and again!

Here's What Axelent Customers Have to Say:

"Once we started using Axelent products we were hooked. Now it's all we want because we are so confident in everything about this company and their outstanding products and service."

"Undeniably the best built modular safety fencing on the market."

Tomorrow’s Solutions – Today.

Axelent safety barriers are a financially sound investment from a solid business partner.

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