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Axelent has been busy listening...


We have added a number of new and innovative items recently. We take feedback directly from our customers based on their needs and we go straight to our research and development team. These items have been specifically developed to fulfill a need that many customers expressed was lacking in the marketplace.

We know it can be difficult to go through and seek new items. So we have created a special place where you can view these new items easily. Enjoy!

 X-GUARD® Contour

Axelent X-GUARD Contour

Axelent’s commitment to quality and innovation marks us the first to launch machine guards with rounded corners. X-Guard® Contour, a machine guard with round corners that is not only perfect for tight spaces, but  also has a very pleasing design. X-Guard® Contour works perfectly with all of our X-Guard® products.

 X-TRAY® Wire Tray Cable Management System

Axelent X-TRAY Wire Tray

 X-TRAY®  Wire Tray Cable Management System is a complete solution that includes everything you need to organize and control those overwhelming cables. This new system fully integrates with our X-GUARD® line and is able to cover just about any cable management need you may encounter.

 X-GUARD® Hitch Lock

X-GUARD® Hitch Lock    Axelent Video Tutorials

This lock is an alternative to our X-LOCK® and has an integrated mounting for non-contact switches. This new lock fully integrates with our X-GUARD® line.

 Axelent E-Z Storeby Axelent                     X-GUARD® X-ROLL-UP

Axelent E-Z Store Cover      Axelent X-GUARD X-ROLL-UP

Axelent safety barriers are a financially sound investment from a solid business partner.

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