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Environmental Concern

Environmentally focused Axelent thinks green ...

The environment is a subject close to the heart of Axelent. That is why Axelent has developed environmental thinking with a view to safeguarding both the internal and external environment....

but paints in yellow and black.

All Axelent painted products are powder coated with a paint that is completely free from solvents. Axelent's standard colors are yellow RAL 1018 and black RAL 9011. Naturally we can also paint to your exact color specifications.

Environmental Impact

RecycleAxelent's current environmental impact is the result of intentional production and transportation procedures, that extend to business trips, consumption of electricity and other resources.

Axelent primarily uses environmentally-certified transportation companies that have specific objectives for active environmental work. In cooperation with these transport companies, Axelent has adapted a packaging system to suit the dimensions of trucks, thereby reducing wasted space in the cargo area and thus the number of transports. Every day, there is active coordination of the deliveries leaving Axelent. By working as far as possible with environmentally conscience local or nearby suppliers and partners, Axelent is able to avoid unnecessarily long transportation routes.

Environmentally focusedAxelent has an effective recycling system that uses the cooling water from welding sets to heat the company's premises. With an onsite transformer, Axelent is able to consume high voltages and thus achieve a higher degree of utilization for the electricity that is used.

Within the company, Axelent is continuing to find more environmentally-friendly means of travel. This includes using "green cars", as well as reducing Axelent's environmental impact through the use of technical equipment and other aids. Axelent is actively working to reduce paper consumption, and business waste is sorted and recycled as much as possible.

Axelent's products and packaging are 100% recyclable.

Environmental Brochure

Axelent safety barriers are a financially sound investment from a solid business partner.

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