Creating a Safer Workplace, by Design

Easy Installation

The Axelent Advantage: "Amazingly Quick – Amazingly Efficient"

Axelent mesh panel systems pay for themselves with unheard of ease-of-assembly. The modular design and interchangeable parts significantly outperform traditional industrial safety fencing in quality as well as in the time it takes to install – making Axelent products an extremely cost efficient investment.

Customers who use Axelent safety barriers appreciate the appearance, versatility, durability and affordability of the modular design. Once you try it, you will understand the real value is in Axelent's critical ability to accomplish quick and easy installations every time.

Custom parts can be shipped within hours, not days

With over 50 different standard parts always in stock, Axelent engineers can solve your unique safeguarding requirements with exceedingly efficient designs and deliver your custom safety partitioning without delay.

Interchangeable parts

Lightening quick installation is made possible with Axelent's extremely versatile interchangeable parts. Because the standardized parts are modularly designed they are simple to use, easily adapting to any configuration.

Where you need it - When you need it

Axelent makes assembly easy by including everything you need right at your fingertips. Directions are precisely where you want them - nestled alongside pristine parts - inside the custom packaging. Axelent engineers take the hassle out of installing machine safety guarding by including an abundance of hardware that is attached directly to the interchangeable posts. This simple convenience eliminates wasted time spent searching for the right parts or missing hardware. And Axelent's interchangeable posts can go virtually anywhere, so there is no need to search for corner posts. Attention to every detail is at the heart of the Axelent Advantage because Axelent understands every minute counts when it comes to meeting your productivity goals.

Clients rave about their savings, due to ultra quick installation...

"Thanks Axelent for coming through for us – we had our machines up and running faster than ever – your product saved us $$$"

Axelent safety barriers are a financially sound investment from a solid business partner.

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