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Did you know that improper machine guarding is among the most frequent causes of OSHA citations?

It's easy to avoid costly OSHA citations and reduce your liabilities by installing safety partioning from Axelent. Too often costly fines are incurred based on assumptions or perceptions about OSHA requirements that are incorrect or outdated. There are a surprising number of industrial plants and facilities that are not compliant with current safety standards and are not operating safely.

Your OSHA rep is on the way – be ready!

No Fines Safeguarding can keep your insurance premiums low, your employees safe, your equipment secure and your business productive. Installing proper safety fencing also increases morale by showing your dedication to providing a safe work environment. Investing in safeguarding allows your employees to work confidently and efficiently while eliminating potentially fatal injuries and hefty fines for non-compliance

The best way to safeguard a machine correctly is by conducting a documented machine safeguarding assessment.

Axelent safety barriers are a financially sound investment from a solid business partner.

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