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Axelent's Availability

Number 1 Axelent is proud to offer the fastest turn around time in the industry!

Axelent safeguarding is actually available before you need it

By virtue of our smart design process, Axelent is able to fulfill your immediate needs on the spot, with over 50 different standard sections in stock every day.

Axelent offers a distinct advantage when it comes to availability. The huge inventory of standard parts guarantees that just about any fencing request can be fulfilled with easily assembled in-stock components. This availability is virtually unheard of in the perimeter safety fencing industry.

Fast Delivery – WHENever you need it – WHEREver you need it!

On Time With the largest inventory in the nation, Axelent can accommodate your unique configuration within hours. When you need fast, reliable shipping, Axelent is the premiere choice.

Axelent makes replacement of standard pieces and sections quick and easy – the parts you need are in stock and readily available for same day or next day delivery.

100% On-Time Delivery

Axelent always keeps promises and proudly boasts 100% on-time performance year in year out. You can count on Axelent to deliver when you want it or when we have promised. Axelent never charges for custom packaging or crating.

Nicki PedersenAxelent finishes first every time with speedy delivery, speedy installation and a winning attitude – much like the speedway world champion, Nicki Pedersen. Axelent works hard to be first in class and that’s why we sponsor the reigning world champion in speedway as well as several other top drivers. Speed is the driving force behind Axelent’s commitment to getting you back to work faster.

Custom parts can be shipped within hours, not days. More standard sizes are kept in stock every day. Intelligently engineered modular parts work together to provide unparalleled versatility in custom perimeter fencing safety solutions.

As expressed by a leading robotics manufacturer:

“We no longer worry about perimeter fencing because Axelent always comes through for us. They have what we need when we need it.”

Axelent safety barriers are a financially sound investment from a solid business partner.

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