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Axelent is known throughout the world as #1 in safety.

Axelent now in 50 Countries

Axelent takes your workplace safety very seriously - consistently exceeding industry safety standards with premium quality safeguarding for robotics, machinery, material handling, millworks or any industrial application. Axelent safety solutions are currently in demand in over 54 countries on five continents, and that number is growing.


With expert creative design and unmatched inventory capabilities, Axelent supplies cost effective solutions for any quantity of safety partitioning that you need, from the one-off prototype to full production lines.

Companies around the world have relied on Axelent’s distinctly superior safeguarding solutions for workplace perimeter and safety fencing, lightening quick delivery and easy installation. Locally and globally recognized as the industry leader, Axelent offers brilliantly designed, award-winning, machine guarding mesh wall systems.

Axelent has been a respected leader in machine safety guarding since 1989. Anticipating the needs of our customers and making them top priority has earned Axelent the trust of plant managers, engineers, production managers, distributors and business owners across the globe. Axelent’s dedication to helping you reduce down time and maintain productivity is evident in the advanced modular design process. By utilizing a large inventory of intelligently designed standardized interchangeable parts, your customized solution is ready within hours.

The unique modular design process provides extraordinary versatility, easily adapting to any application with incredibly quick installation that you count on every time.

Since expanding to the United States, Axelent has become the leading manufacturer and supplier of interior machine safeguarding that is ideal for robotics, machine automation, material handling, logistics and mills across North America. Today Axelent is the only North American manufacturer and supplier of truly modular machine guarding.

Advanced safety solutions from Axelent effectively compliment your facility and your equipment, providing sophisticated safety assurance.

Axelent safety barriers are a financially sound investment from a solid business partner.

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